Art of Bonsai: Creation, Care and Enjoyment par Yuji Yoshimura

Art of Bonsai: Creation, Care and Enjoyment

Titre de livre: Art of Bonsai: Creation, Care and Enjoyment

Éditeur: Tuttle Publishing

Auteur: Yuji Yoshimura

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Yuji Yoshimura avec Art of Bonsai: Creation, Care and Enjoyment

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Learn the ins and outs of proper bonsai design and care with this comprehensive Japanese gardening book.

Japanese bonsai have long been admired throughout the world while their care and preservation have seemed shrouded in mystery. The Art of Bonsai is, however, a comparatively simple art to learn. Anyone with a love a plants, a little patience and this eminently practical book can create bonsai and keep a finished plant healthy and vigorous for generations.

Included in this definitive volume are:
  • Detailed, illustrated instructions on propagation and training
  • Hints for those growing bonsai in a hurry and apartment dwellers
  • Daily and seasonal bonsai care practices
  • Dealing with pests and bonsai troubleshooting
  • How to judge, select and exhibit bonsai
  • Detailed appendices on tools, equipment, soil analyses
  • Data on more than 300 species of plants used in making bonsai

This classic work remains an eminently practical book and is the classic guide to bonsai care. It contains the essentials of an art that is one of Japan's most treasured traditions—sculpting beauty in living wood.